A Leader in Me School

Staff Directory

Staff Name Role Phone Number Contact E-Mail
Baca-Burrell, T Paraprofessional (970)488-8823 tbacaburrell@psdschools.org
Benedict, Mandy Literacy Interventionist (970)488-8821 abenedic@psdschools.org
Berg, Jennifer 5th Grade Teacher (970)488-8842 jeberg@psdschools.org
Bird, Monica Early Childhood Special Education teacher (970)488-8823 mbird@psdschools.org
Brennan, Jill 2nd Grade Teacher (970)488-8814 jibrenna@psdschools.org
Conahan, Megan Integrated Services Teacher (970)488-8834 mconahan@psdschools.org
Cordova, Megan 3rd Grade Teacher (970)488-8812 mcordova@psdschools.org
Day, Cheryl Principal (970)488-8803 cday@psdschools.org
Diaz, Heather Paraprofessional (970)488-8829 hdiaz@psdschools.org
Eddington, Tara Office Manager (970)488-8804 teddington@psdschools.org
Gladu, Kalli Media and Technology (970)488-8817 kgladu@psdschools.org
Hausmann, Justin 1st Grade Teacher (970)488-8830 jhausmann@psdschools.org
Haycraft, Heather Nurse (970)488-8806 hhaycraft@psdschools.org
Hunter, Tia School Secretary (970)488-8805 tiah@psdschools.org
Johnson, Hollie 4th Grade Teacher (970)488-8818 hjohnson@psdschools.org
Kelley, Tracy Early Childhood Special Education teacher (970) 488-8824 Tkelley@psdschools.org
Kind, Patrick Assistant Principal (970)488-8844 pkind@psdschools.org
Laturnus, Jinelle Physical Education Teacher (970)488-8848 jlaturnu@psdschools.org
Lavigne, Krista Speech Pathologist (970)488-8833 klavigne@psdschools.org
Link, Aeravi Art Teacher (970)488-8846 alink@psdschools.org
Martin, Cathy 5th Grade Teacher (970)488-8800 catherim@psdschools.org
Massa, Susan Part-time counselor (970)488-8811 smassa@psdschools.org
McCluskey, Cathy ELD Teacher, GT Teacher (970) 488-8827 cmccluskey@psdschools.org
Radis, Shawn 5th Grade Teacher (970) 488-8843 sradis@psdschools.org
Rolwes, Karrie 1st Grade Teacher (970)488-8832 krolwes@psdschools.org
Sanderson, Shawna Kindergarten Teacher (970)488-8825 ssanders@psdschools.org
Schuetz, Jacqueline 1st Grade Teacher (970)488-8831 jschuetz@psdschools.org
Shusta, Raquel Kindergarten Teacher (970)488-8828 rshusta@psdschools.org
Skutchan, Michelle Paraprofessional (970)488-8829 mskutcha@psdschools.org
Spezza, Mary 4th Grade Teacher (970)488-8820 mspezza@psdschools.org
Stickler, Morgan 2nd Grade Teacher (970)488-8815 mstickler@psdschools.org
Stolte, Emma 3rd Grade Teacher (970)488-8822 estolte@psdschools.org
Summers, Kathryn Kindergarten Paraprofessional (970)488-8825 ksummers@psdschools.org
Thomas, Stephanie Occupational Therapist (970)488-8862 stephaniet@psdschools.org
Tibbs, Yvette Paraprofessional (970)488-8829 ytibbs@psdschools.org
Turner, Emily Integrated Services Teacher (970)488-8888 eturner@psdschools.org
VanDerSluys, Melissa 2nd Grade Teacher (970)488-8816 mvanders@psdschools.org
Vannice, Jamie School Psychologist (970)488-8808 jvannice@psdschools.org
Vaughn, Sarah Counselor (970)488-8811 svaughn@psdschools.org
Wagner, Nancy Media and Technology (970)488-8800 nawagner@psdschools.org
Wegher, KaLyn Integrated Services Paraprofessional (970)488-8818 kwegher@psdschools.org
Wilcox, Brian Music Teacher (970)488-8845 brwilcox@psdschools.org