A Leader in Me School


Artists at Lopez have art every third week.  They create for 45 minutes four times during this week.  Our studio is a student-centered, with new concepts and techniques giving students more tools to explore and express themselves.  Student ideas and questions are respected, supported, nurtured, and celebrated. The art room is a collaborative space in which students share their work in whole-class daily art critique, pointing out what they love, what they wonder, and any suggestions they have.  Students also seek out feedback from each other informally to help problem-solve next steps.  The art teacher’s role is to facilitate learning by introducing concepts, cultures, techniques, materials, and artists that are aligned with the Colorado Academic Standards.  Ms. Link focuses heavily on a growth mindset.  Students are encouraged to take risks and make mistakes in the learning process.  Art can be very enjoyable when it is approachable, relevant, and challenging enough to help students enter a state of "flow," which is when a person becomes fully immersed in an activity.  Actively engaging in pursuit of excellence and joy is something every person should be able to do.


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