A Leader in Me School

A Leader in Me School

Aeravi Link

Art Teacher

My name is Aeravi Link, and I think teaching art to young people is the best job in the world.  I am so excited to join Lopez Elementary School’s team and start making colorful messes with my new students!  I grew up in Montana, attended school in Idaho, lived and learned in Japan for 6 years, and eventually laid down roots in Fort Collins where I am surrounded by family and the great ranges of mountains which bring me so much joy and inspiration.  Please check out Art with Aeravi to see what kind of art my students have been making.

Educational and Professional Background

I have a BFA in Studio Art, a BS in Art Education, and a music minor. I have 12 years of teaching experience, including 6 years in Japan.  

I have done multiple live painting events, mostly for small events with hundreds of people, but some very large events with up to 10,000 attendees.  I have exhibited and had solo exhibitions, managing to sell the majority of artwork I make.  

Please check out Aeravi Artist to see some of my creations.

Personal Interests and Hobbies

Please check out Inspiration to get a sense of why Colorado is one of my favorite places! Beyond hiking, scrambling, skiing, camping, gardening, hanging out with family, and making art, I also like to cook, listen to podcasts about economics and science, read, dance like nobody is watching, and play card games.

About My Classroom

I strive to create a space for students to unwind, explore, express themselves and find joy and fun by successfully entering an active "flow" state in pursuit of excellence in art.   



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