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Lopez Gifted and Talented

The mission of the Lopez Gifted and Talented (GT) program is to maximize the potential of GT students by providing a program that will match the unique characteristics and needs of the students by offering a challenging and accelerated curriculum.

Support for GT students begins with the classroom teacher in grades K-5. All Lopez teachers are trained in diverse instruction that allows students to progress at a pace appropriate to their abilities, talents and learning styles. 21st century skills are put into play at all levels. Inquiry and technology driven projects in science, geography, and socials studies are designed by classroom teachers and the GT teacher.

Literacy: The needs of Gifted Language Arts students are addressed in leveled readers and novels. Instruction is student centered and discussion around theme and key concepts is encouraged. Grade acceleration for students is available when necessary.

Our daily "WIN" (What I Need) is our intervention/exploration block. GT and high achieving students will have the opportunity to explore and extend their thinking for 30 minutes daily using their creativity and technology to show their understanding of the objective. Choice charts allow students to pick areas of study that interest them as well as provide opportunities to create projects and demonstrate knowledge to peers.

Mathematics: The needs of Gifted Math students are addressed in leveled groups and assignments within the homeroom classroom. GT and high achieving students in math will also meet with the GT teacher for 30 minutes daily where they will explore and cover higher level math concepts, assignments and projects. Students will be assessed at the end of 5th grade for eligibility into the Accelerated Math Program, which begins at middle school.

Social and Affective Needs: The social and affective needs of Gifted students are met in a variety of ways. Students learn to incorporate the 7 Habits into their daily lives and these values are consistently taught throughout the Leader in Me curriculum. Students also learn skills to help them be successful both academically and socially during their time with the GT teacher and they meet with the school counselor once a month to focus on their annual affective goals.

Lopez GT

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