A Leader in Me School

Third Grade

Our 3rd grade teachers.  Visit their learning page for more information.

Welcome to third grade!

Wondering what to expect Read on:

  • Students get their own laptops to use at school. We infuse 21st century readiness into every content area and aspect of learning.
  • Our team works together to provide a cohesive and holistic education in Science, Social Studies and Leadership. 
  • Using the REACH for Reading curriculum, we read to learn and respond to literature in writing by using research to justify our thinking.
  • Science is always a student favorite, but it reaches a whole other level here in third grade. From dinosaurs to tornadoes, and puppies to electro-magnets, third grade science is a blast from start to finish!
  • Third grade math is the doorway to multiplication and division, but the math leaves the page as we strive for real-world application in every operation.
  • In Social Studies, we learn about the regions of the United States and how each region’s unique qualities contribute to the diversity of our country.
  • During our leadership time we integrate “Mindful” exercises to help us access the 8 Habits.