A Leader in Me School

A Leader in Me School

Raquel Shusta

Kindergarten Teacher
Educational and Professional Background

I attended the University of Northern Colorado, where I received a bachelor's in Human Rehabilitation Services and a master's in Early Childhood Special Education.  GO BEARS!!. I have been teaching for 10+ years, starting out at Bal Swan Children's Center in Broomfield.  This is where I found my love of teaching.  I then got a job at Sanborn Elementary, in the St. Vrain School District.  I loved my experience in the St. Vrain School District and feel fortunate to have worked there.  Then I was lucky enough to find and get a job in PSD.  I started out as an early childhood special education teacher and then switched to kindergarten.  I love teaching kindergarten and I could not imagine doing anything else.  I was once told that if you look at your job as a hobby, than you have the perfect job.  This would be my case.  I love working at Lopez Elementary and have grown so much as a teacher here.

Personal Interests and Hobbies

I am a true native, born and raised in Colorado.  The most important thing in my life is my family.  Greg and I married in 2012 and have 2 kids, Henry and Evelyn.  Actually, we have 4 kids if you count our cats, Kiki and Schnookums. My hobbies/interests include hiking, cross-country skiing, fishing, camping, and about anything else that you can think of that goes with the mountains.  I also love to Travel and hangout with my friends and families.  

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