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Lopez Honored as First Lighthouse School in Colorado!

Lopez Elementary's strong student leadership culture earns them "Lighthouse" Leader in Me designation

Blog post from The Leader in Me website: http://www.theleaderinme.org/blog?blog_id=1539

A huge congratulations to Lopez Elementary for being the first school in Colorado to be designated a Lighthouse school by the Leader in Me organization. Lighthouse schools serve as a model of leadership and mentor other schools.

Lighthouse status is a level of recognition for schools who have demonstrated nine benchmarks within the Leader in Me model, a whole school approach based on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and the premise that every child is a leader who has unique and worthwhile gifts to share with the world.

Lopez Elementary’s journey began in 2011 when the staff and community selected the Leader in Me approach for the school.  “Lopez’s journey toward Lighthouse status reflects a commitment to empowering children to be self-disciplined in achieving their personal and academic goals,” said Traci Gile, Lopez principal. “Our students learn the habits that produce results and discover how their personal gifts contribute to the larger community.”

The development of Lopez' leadership culture strongly reflects 21st century skills of personal responsibility, work ethic, goal setting, communication, problem-solving, and civic responsibility. Since adopting Leader in Me, the Lopez community has participated in several levels of training and certification to fully develop a student leadership culture. For the Lighthouse review, the staff, students, and parents had to demonstrate accomplishments in nine categories:  Lighthouse team, Leadership Environment, Integrated Curriculum and Instruction, Staff Collaboration, Student Leadership, Parent & Community Engagement, Leadership Events, Goal Tracking, and Measurable Results.

Worldwide, there are nearly 1,700 schools involved with the Leader in Me, and 94 are designated as Lighthouse schools.

Story from PSD website: https://www.psdschools.org/node/4332

PSD Board of Education Recognition: http://epresence.psdschools.org/1/watch/1932.aspx

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