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Welcome to our Library Page

The Lopez Media Center is the first part of our building you notice when you walk in.  It is centrally located with the blue, green, and yellow pods branching out.  This makes the library a community space for Lopez.  You will often see small groups working at tables, students using the online catalog and locating books, teachers reading aloud to their students, and meetings after school.  We have 6 computers available for research, and a decent collection of Easy Readers, Fiction, and Non-Fiction books.  Mrs. Wilson, our art teacher, helps to make the space even more inviting by displaying student art work on some of the shelves.  New for 2013 is our "Leaders Read... Readers Lead" mural, including airplanes for each of the 7 Habits.

If you are interested in volunteering in our Media Center, or just have some questions or suggestions, please contact our Media Manager, Sarah Weeks, or our part time librarian, Nancy Wagner (profiles shown below)



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